Dude, I’m Awesome!

Well… I decided to write my own PHP script to rip out the old comments (from when this was a Blogger blog), parse them, format them and insert them into the database for WordPress.

The cool part is it all worked on the first try. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me (and that’s why I’m awesome.. hehe). 🙂

So anyway, the 400+ comments that were made when this was a Blogger blog now show… And we can once again enjoy people telling me I have a small penis. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Dude, I’m Awesome!”

  1. Yeah, I’ll probably sit down when I have a little spare time and do it. Needs to be cleaned up (like read MySQL info from the WordPress config file instead of hardcoding it, and maybe some instructions). Also I would really need to make it “all in one” so it brings in posts too (the one that comes with WordPress SUCKS and doesn’t work very well).

  2. Yeah, yeah… Awesome. Uh huh, riiiiiight. 😉 But can you design a new banner? 😛

    Like the “Alien” addition. haha!

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