10Ghz PowerMac G5

Okay, so Apple *did* announce quad processor PowerMacs today. The top-end being a 2.5Ghz x 4 G5 machine. I know what I’m getting myself for an early Christmas present (they aren’t shipping them until next month though). 🙂



The video card that comes with it (PCI Express GeForce 6600) supports one dual link DVI port and one single link DVI port. That’s dumb, considering the old machines support 2 dual link DVI ports. That means you can’t drive 2 30″ monitors with a single card. Stupid if you ask me…

Also, does anyone know of a hardware SATA RAID card that support PowerMac G5 machines??

2 thoughts on “10Ghz PowerMac G5”

  1. I know… just seems screwy to buy a $2,000 video card to drive a $2,500 monitor is all. 🙂 Especially when the previous PowerMacs had a card that had 2 dual-link ports as a $350 upgrade.

    I suppose since it’s PCI Express now, you could always just put a 2nd video card in it for the 2nd monitor. {shrug}

    Another thing I just noticed is the URL you gave above talks about the GeForce 7800 GT option… Too bad you can’t buy one (or build to order a computer with it). So where the hell is it? 🙂

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