Numa Numa (Mai Ai Hee)

This isn’t new (someone sent it to me about a month ago), but it’s pretty damn funny. I was reminded of it today when I was coming home from playing frisbee golf, and the XM Radio was playing the song. All I could think about was this guy lip synching the song, so I had to find it again when I got home.

The name of the song is Mai Ai Hee (handy that XM can tell you that). If you want to buy it in the iTunes Music Store, click here.

I guess the guys name is Gary Brolsma… someone should start a fanclub for this guy, because he rocks! (Update: oh wait, it looks like someone did.)

I also found his site here.

10 thoughts on “Numa Numa (Mai Ai Hee)”

  1. Haha! YES! He’s back! I first saw this one the Yahoo weblog in Feb. By the time I wrote about it the link had been disabled although I did find another 😉

    To the tune of “Dragostea Din Tei”, by O-Zone, this guy is brilliant! I still get requests from my kids to see it from the local copy I have 🙂

  2. Ozone should give this guy some commissions, because I bought the song on iTunes solely because of him (and I know of a few other people that did the same). Probably 80% of their sales are because of this dude.

  3. your first numa numa was AWSOME!!!! but this one is ok i think you should make it more like the first one but this one soungs like a rap.the first numa numa makes you want to listen to it over and over again

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