Michael Jackson Begs To Sleep With Boys

This was kind of funny (in a weird way). The mother of a boy who alleges that Michael Jackson molested him, testified that she allowed her son to sleep with Michael Jackson after Michael Jackson begged and pleaded (also sobbed and cried for the record) with the boy’s mother to let him sleep with him. She initially said no, but she finally gave in and let Michael Jackson sleep with her son.

Seems to me that the boy might want to also name his mother in his lawsuit against Michael Jackson. Or maybe child protective services should step in.

I’m pretty sure that when I have kids, if a grown man cries and begs to sleep with my 13 year old kids, not only will I say no (and not give in), I would feel the need to give that man a beating as well. But hey, that’s just me.

2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Begs To Sleep With Boys”

  1. A little more than a beating old son. A broomstick he’d gag on.

    I’m a dad myself, and I share your sentiments 🙂


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