Bluetooth Phone Control In A Car

You know what I wish someone would do? Come out with a way to control a Bluetooth phone hands free while in your car. The 2004 Acura TL can do it right out the factory. Seems strange that after-market manufacturers like Alpine wouldn’t jump on the opportunity. Not only would it be a hot item, but Alpine systems are modular, so they could come out with a Bluetooth module for $80 or $100 or something and it would work with any Ai-NET compatible deck.

That’s what they did with their iPod controller… it’s just a “magic box” that hides away somewhere, and works with any Apline stereo (that supports Ai-NET).

Just seems like an opportunity for someone to do it, because they would sell a TON of them.

2 thoughts on “Bluetooth Phone Control In A Car”

  1. My Lexus has it built into the car. I step in the car, turn it on, the phone is in my pocket. It connects to the nav system. Someone calls me, the music fades out, the nav shows who is calling, i press a button either on the nav touch screen or on the steering wheel and say hello. speakers are on the roof of the car. Making calls are just as easy.

    Too bad the motorola verizon bluetooth phone (they only offer one for verizon) is limited. But its not bad at all.

    I love the convenience.

    Shawn, IM me to discuss. Barry (rustybrick).

  2. I remembered you wrote something about this. I have been researching new phones as I am getting a new one and Bluetooth is going to be part of my phone. Check out the Parrot CK3300 GPS/Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kit. It sounds like what you are looking for. Not sure how good it is, but I may be picking one of these up if I hear some good news about it.

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