2 thoughts on “Internet Webcams? How About Remote Hunting?”

  1. I can picture some futuristic movie staring Charleton Heston where the “sportsmen” build robots that have night vision and heat vision and a rail gun on one arm and a sniper rifle on the other. And they send the robots out in the forest to “hunt” for deer/mouse/bear/whatever. Then all these “hunters” who just sit at home and watch the action on TV all while controling it via their wireless xBox 4 controller call it a sport and want the rights for their “Robosport 3000” to bare arms. oh geez.

  2. Man, that’s weird… I was watching TV yesterday and these idiots were just vandalising some random dude’s car, all caught on CCTV. Needless to say they didn’t catch the culprits.

    I reckoned they should rig up a gun to the CCTV so that they could shoot the bar stewards, that way they’ll not do it again… even plastic bullets would do the job… check out the FN303 – http://www.fnhusa.com/contents/ll_303.htm

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