Onstar Voice Recognition

I’ve had my new car for about a month now, and about a week ago, I realized I could actually talk to my car (and it talks back). It’s amazing how well it works too. Not only that, I realized that the Onstar system that comes in cars has a phone number assigned to it, so you can call your car (makes sense now that I think about it). You can say “dial xxxxxxxxxx” as you would naturally, just rattling off the numbers and it gets the right number all the time.

I remember when my mom got a new car when I was a kid, and I though it was super high-tech because it had a button (that’s right, 1 button for the A/C). But it was cool because it lit up green when you pushed it.

Now you can talk to your car, navigation systems tell you how to get anywhere (or where the closest ATM/restaurant is), the computer analyzes how dirty your oil is in real time to tell you when you should change it (rather than just doing it every 3,000 miles), radio is being beamed down from satellites, etc.

Now we just need flying cars, and I’ll be happy. 🙂

One thought on “Onstar Voice Recognition”

  1. Hey, thats right, its true, we were all wowed by just like tape players and stuff, and now. its incredible. anyway i was trying to download the Onstar girls voice, you know like “Hello Batman, welcome to Onstar!” and i got this. lol but yeah its true. its unbelievable like just think, we had horses and wooden wheels, now we have robots telling us were to drive. its insane i love it!

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