Apple + Grape = Grapple?

I found these a few months ago at Ralphs grocery store. It’s an apple that tastes like a grape.

I figured it was some new genetically engineered fruit, so I went online to check it out. No such luck… it’s just a normal fuji apple that is “bathed through a patented process and in a few days the entire apple takes on the essence and mouth-watering taste of Concord grapes”.

Oh well… not as cool, but they are still tasty. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Apple + Grape = Grapple?”

  1. My housemate just came home with four of them. and then I cam to your site with a simple search for grapple on google. They kinda smell like grape Rubitussin

  2. I first saw these apples yesterday through the checkout line and had to see what in the world a grapple was???
    I bought a package of 4 today. I’m not a fan of apples but the grape gives this fruit some flava … Not sure if this is something only Ralphs carries but I’ll be back for more! 😉
    Nice site Shawn!


  4. My friend told me about these and i bought some, they smell like grape soda, I love it, the taste of the grape in them are sort of suttle. But they are really good..u can still taste them like 2 hours later.

  5. I havn’t tried a Grapple yet, but to me it sounds like a good idea. I have read that they are made with artificial grape flavor but so is the candy that parents let their kids eat, I mean this is a great healthy alternative for kids who won’t eat fruit because they are stubborn. If nothing else you could pull a pretty good trick on a kid with one!

  6. Grapples! Safeway carries ’em too. I knew they couldn’t graft an apple and grape! Nevertheless, Grapples are quite good cold I think

  7. I love them got one from my neice she said she bought them at traderjoe’s is there anywhere else they are sold …oh ya at ralph’ anywhere else ?? Von’s alberson????

  8. I don’t think it’s funny at all!!! Stop and Shop offered these, I tried them, got hooked and now they say they can’t get anymore. I called them pushers!! If they want $100 per apple, I’ll pay it!! PLEASE, PLEASE get me grapples………..:-)

  9. Thanks everybody … had to prove to my girlfriend i wasn’t nuts…. GRAPPLE’S ARE REAL !!!!!!

  10. We think they are great…We are doing a project on Strawbanas which are strawberries crossed with bananas. What are your thoughts on this???

  11. It’s artificial flavoring, when your not accustomed to eating synthetic foods, it’s gross. I ate one thinking somehow it was natural, and now I am just irritated. Until I find out what chemical they are using, I am going to combat their paid advertising which probably takes the form of some of the people in this page above. I am not intrinsically against eating chemicals, because everything is a chemical, but unusual concentrations have very usual consequences.


  12. Jacob —

    Are you seriously complaining because it wasn’t “natural” and had artificial flavoring?

    Come on…just look at the product…a grape tasting apple…how could you not think it was some sort of artificial flavoring? Or at least not “natural”?

  13. I myself don’t like apples but with Grapples i can eat them, i just wish i could find a place to buy them for the stores where i got them before don’t carry them anymore…..if anyone knows please send me an email: [email protected]

  14. I’m with Jacob. I was under the impression that it was possibly an apple that happened to taste similar to a grape. I think the artificial flavoring is disgusting. Apples are fine the way they are!!

  15. Dude, they freakin’ SUCK. All they do is reek of artificial grape scent. They taste NOTHING like grape, and are a waste of $6.

    All they do is dump the poor apples into grape soda and let it sit a few days, so now you don’t even get FRESH apples. I just finished eating one, and am now sad at the $6 I could’ve spent on something more worthwhile…

  16. I just purchased a pack expecting real grape flavor but got an artificial flavor instead. I paid 6 bucks for a pack of 4. I will never buy this product again.

  17. I love grapples. They taste so much better than a plain old apple. Got mine at Frys. Saw them one time and now they dont have them anymore. I am addicted also.

  18. If anyone in BC, Canada is looking for them, you can find them at Save On Foods. I tried one for the first time tonight and really liked it, the price however is ridiculous.

  19. i am against such things! this is not natural!! it is barbaric to human society! they are candY! apples are for health! an apple a day keeps the doctor away but when you add candy to it then it will bring the doctor to you! eat it and die!

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