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The image functions aren’t really anything new for me, I’ve done some things (like graphing functions) with the PHP image functions, but I mucked around with some advanced functions (alpha blending of multiple layers and scaling the output). And all I have to say is the PHP imaging functions are awesome (of course most of the credit is because of the GD lib).

But as an example, I made something that can render what any 2005 Hummer would look like (colors, options, etc.) dynamically. It also can dynamically generate thumbnails which ended up being a lot smoother than I thought it would. It’s like modern day paper dolls.

Base Package:
Colored Grille
Chrome Brush Guard
Up-Level Chrome
Show As Thumbnail

BTW, this is what mine looks like:

6 thoughts on “Image Functions In PHP”

  1. Nice work shawn, but where are the photo’s of the car (And the ICE).

    PHP image functions are cool, but I want to see some actual pics of the car.

    We’ve heard too much to be let down now…

  2. uh, it looks like you just made a javascript script that interacts with the form, and displays previously made images (which you probably downloaded from the Hummer site)… Assuming you used PHP’s image functions, my hats off to you, because they are totally bush league IMHO. It’s like setting a bunch of artists down in front of a mainframe and telling them to make something pretty print out the dot matrix printer attached to the other end of the building. I’m unsure why this would be worth all the coding anyway? Let’s see the code?

  3. The site it’s from ( is one I made. But you are right, the images themselves aren’t done with PHP, but the system puts together multiple images to render the final image. Sort of like modern paper dolls. There is a base image, then add a brush guard. In this particular case, it’s just a lot of imagecopy() usage to overlay the vehicle options on top of the base vehicle.

    The whole purpose of it is to be able to programmatically render the any H2 to show what it would look like without actually taking pictures and without having 672 different images that include every possibility (which is how many different combinations there could be).

  4. hi, cool one,
    but i cant get the php functions used. could you send me on my mail id.


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