How To Play Tennis

Not that I really know *how* to play Tennis that well, but I started playing (well, at this point I wouldn’t exactly call it playing… more like trying to play).

It’s a pretty fun sport (I’ve played three times in the last week now, and each time I’m getting better). Even hitting the ball against the practice wall is pretty fun. I figure it will be at least a month or two before I’m good enough to go pro though (and earn some supplemental income).

3 thoughts on “How To Play Tennis”

  1. I was pretty lucky – we have a tennis court in the garden.

    I really love the game but don’t often find the time to play.

    Stick at it – It can be really irritating when the ball JUST WON’T GO OVER THE NET, but it does get easier – and a little more fun.

  2. My recent addiction is similar, but it table tennis, or ping pong. Man, I am hooked. As for tennis, my wife ‘drags’ me out time to time, but she is good and I am big and slow, so she beats me and I get upset and then don’t get any dinner.

    As for pro, you have a better chance making it as a golfer 😉

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