I Saved $4.5 Billion

I was going to buy a Nimitz class aircraft carrier today, but instead I bought lunch at Rubio’s.

And to be totally honest, I would rather have a burrito from Rubio’s even if an aircraft carrier was the same price.

I’m a saving machine… I just saved $4,500,000,000 and I didn’t even have to switch to GEICO!

2 thoughts on “I Saved $4.5 Billion”

  1. Shawn,

    I’m sorry to comment here but I can’t get ahold of you. I’ve even tried calling.

    I’m a paid advertiser of Digital Point. My username is EGS. I reported a troll in my sales thread and requested it closed. Instead I got 3 infractions in a row back to back which got me banned. The moderator obviously did it on purpose and there is personal hostility against me by a moderator in my suggestion/feedback thread.

    Here are the infractions:

    Reason: Duplicate Thread


    This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

    Original Post:

    Up for possible sale is the site & domain *PCWebTalk.com*

    The homepage only loads correctly in Internet Explorer for some reason. (See second post by me in this thread by scrolling below this post; warning: it’s long.) You can see the forum at PCWebTalk.com/forum

    I bought the domain and site seperate from each other and never got around to doing anything with the site once I combined the two into one. I always wanted to create and have my own PC forum where people could help each other with their PC problems, brag about their builds, etc, but never got the time to develop it further once I set it up. Unfortunately, I still don’t have the time, so I’m considering selling this site as it is if the price is right. This is honestly a great opportunity for anyone to take advantage of – it’s a high-paying PPC niche, it’s a niche that will never die, and a field (IT – Information Technology) that is constantly booming even in a downfallen economy.

    That being said, the price for the site & domain is $749.95. I will entertain offers, but realize why the price is so high:
    1. The domain included with this sale that really creates this site – *PCWebTalk.com* – is a gem. It’s a premium combination, ideally great for its use, and memorable. I paid $500 for this domain through Escrow to a private seller.
    2. As previously mentioned, I created this site from a previously-existing site after purchasing the domain. Actually once I saw the original site for sale is what triggered me to buy such a premium domain in the first place. Anyway, the site cost me $350, and is unique to this site (I let go of the previous domain and everything attached to it altogether).

    I will only accept payment via PayPal & Escrow. PayPal will only be accepted to members who have an oustanding reputation here, Escrow is the preferred method of payment. I don’t want any low-ball offers. I am looking for the price I am asking, which is $749.95, and the buyer and I can split the fees down the middle.

    This sale is only for seriously interested individuals and companies that see this opportunity for what it is, and for what it’s worth. To me, this is a gem and worth a lot more. Everything about this site, the domain, and its unique design as well as uniquely-coded homepage is more valuable than gold to me. If you’re looking to get back on your feet, start making money online, or something similar of the sort, you may want to think of investing the small amount that I’m asking for into this site – this site can easily get booming once further developed and promoted. It’s ready to go as it is.

    As for the IPB license, I don’t think I can transfer it as it’s already been transferred to me, but you can request a license from IPB (which is the software that powers the forum) at a low price by asking them for a discount – that’s a secret I’ll freely provide to the public (anyone & everyone reading this).

    Well, let’s get it on.

    I got 3 of these for the same thread. I reported the post for another user, not for my own. Please correct this and unban my account. I just bought 2 more ads today too. What is going on dude? I seriously need you to fix your moderator team I’m tired of this hostility. I can’t even post or sell things without having trolls into my thread and then I get banned? This is why I’m scared to upgrade because of this. I can’t even advertise without being harassed.

    Please call me at 609-534-6373 immediately. I am so tired of this. Seriously I pay all my money to advertise. I don’t have a lot of money because I broke my back and I can’t do anything on Digital Point anymore without a moderator intentionally banning me for no reason. My username is EGS please help.

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