WordPress 3.x

So I figured it was about time to update WordPress. Went from WordPress 1.5 (haha!) to the latest (WordPress 3.0.1). I gotta say it’s quite a bit nicer now. 😉

9 thoughts on “WordPress 3.x”

    1. why dont you reply to you customers on digitalpoint.com someone posted my website address on there for sale and they dont even who, and you guys wont even delete the thread

  1. why dont you responded to your customer emails at digitalpoint.com?

    I am trying to get my website name removed from a thread that was falsely posted on there, if you guys want a lawsuit bring it on, i find it rude those by bother you and your volunteer employees that have no consideration other people rights at all…. i will be checking back here for a response my friend.

  2. This is earth shaking news for AdSense publishers, and frankly I’m a bit shocked. *If* smart pricing was accurate, rolling back profits for weak websites would make perfect sense, but I never expected to be whacked by Google with such a blunt instrument. Some things are starting to make sense now…

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