24 thoughts on “Genius Tasers Himself”

  1. so you are the owner of dp. i am happy for you. you must be making a lot of bucks from that site. anyway thanks for setting it up because i have really benefited a lot from it. peace.

  2. WTF HAHAHA This is the exact kind of thing I do when I’m bored..
    I once shut a car window on my finger just to see if it hurt Lmfao, & coz it really did hurt I panicked & pushed the close button harder. Good thing my ex was there otherwise I’d totally be missing a finger by now.. hahah

  3. That’s shocking! 😀 hmmm. crazy kid with a taser lol..talk about hi” voltage rock’n’roll~ 😀 can’t wait to see what he doe’s with an electric fence.

  4. BUBBA! >:o

    The mods are getting out of control. Unban my account man I am an advertiser trying to advertise! This is why I should be da one, da only, da super mod. 😀


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