Random Email #37

I haven’t posted a random email in awhile, so here’s a new one…


I am Mr Mark Jo—-, I will like to make reservation for 6 people that will be coming for vacation in your area on the 20th November to 30th November 2009.

If you have vacancy for the specified period, give me the total cost for the whole period of 10 nights, with either 6 single rooms or 3 double rooms for 6 guests.

Number of Persons: 6
Mr & Mrs Alb—-{37 and 33yrs}
Mr & Mrs Ben—-{40 and 36yrs}
Mr & Mrs Ari—-{44 and 38yrs}
Arrival date: 20th November 2009
Departure date : 30th November 2009.
Number of days: 10 days
Number of Guest: 6,

Confirm availability and get back to me with your rates and total cost and if you will accept major credit card for your payment and convert the total price to British Pounds or Euro.

Thank you and looking forward to hear from you soon.


I’m open to suggestions on how much I should charge these guys to stay at my home… let me know.

9 thoughts on “Random Email #37”

  1. You could always setup a Tent in your yard?

    like the Tent that was setup for Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, at Donald Trump’s house

  2. I’ve been getting a lot of similar emails asking for quotes on fencing material and resumes for baby-sitting jobs.. i’m trying to figure out the angle of the scam.. i might have to reply and bait a few to find out.

  3. hahahaaa… maybe he want to remove his ban(forum) so he come on your house and stole your admin user/pass and then all 6 members remove his ban


    “Shawn Hogan Fan Club Tents !” :)))

  4. Dear Mark,

    We have 6 double rooms for three nights, only. Each one of your party may stay in their own room, however we will have to charge the double rate. Normally the room sells for $100, so with the double charge, it comes to 200 per night per person per room for three nights for a total of $3600.

    We do have a room that will accommodate 10 people and that is available for 6 nights only. So that would be $100 per each person for 6 nights for a total of …oh my, look at this…it comes out even again…$3600.

    We also have a special where all members of your party that are in the 30 year age range can double up and get a discount. (Sorry, not available for forty-somethings).

    So that would be 4 persons under the age of 40 in two rooms at $200 hundred each, that’s $800 and then the other two persons who are over-age would be charged double at $400 each, so that’s $800 which brings the total to $1600 per night times 10 nights, which would bring total out of pocket value at $16,000.

    It is too bad the two persons over 40 are not married to each other as that is the only over 40 discount we offer and that would be 10% discount from total bill.

    We normally require a deposit for 1/2 the booking rate upon reservation placement by using Pay Pal. However, due to the fact that you are overseas, and we are here in America, there are many obstacles that Pay Pal imposes on international exchanges, one being a three month clearance time for funds. It has been our experience that they sometimes will not put the funds through at all.

    In the interest of comradeship and accommodating our friends from across the pond, we will not require any deposit in your case and will freely confirm your reservation on the value of your word.

    When you arrive in our sunny city of San Diego, please just give this address to the airport cab driver and he will gladly take you to our destination.

    1401 Broadway, San Diego 92101

    We look forward to your visit and showing you the fine secure accommodations in the heart of San Diego that we have reserved for you.

    Best Regards,

    Mrs. Sakerr Landsdown

  5. Hi Shawn,,

    you can ask the guests to stay in Local Police station there is enough room for them ;P.

    hhehe.. they also asked me to stay here ( in India ) .

    Invite them free of cost.

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