Models et al

I gotta say, iMovie HD is really nice for hacking together quick videos with pretty decent quality. I threw together this video for a friend real quick for NVR Strings. Oh darn, I get to look at girls in bikinis while editing video. Sad day for me. 🙁

The original video I output was full 1920×1080 high def, but here’s the YouTube version…

11 thoughts on “Models et al”

  1. Entertaining video – also looks like some serious still photography with the light deflectors … we see him, but not the videophotographer … or were you doing that also in addition to editing.

    Nice house – any chance it’s in San Diego?

  2. She available for house calls? Holy shit! lol

    Nice house and very good job on the video. I couldn’t make a video of my goldfish swimming around the tank look that good.

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