1,251 Reasons To Not Have A Blog

One reason I haven’t been writing on my blog is that I just haven’t had the free time to sit around and look for cool/interesting things all day (ahhh… the good old days when I had nothing to do… hah)

I’ve been trying to keep up with comment moderation on the blog (doing it once every few days), but check this screenshot out of what I just finished.

That was about an hour of my life wasted with comment spam moderation… fun!!! 🙂

24 thoughts on “1,251 Reasons To Not Have A Blog”

  1. Since I upgraded my blog with WordPress 2.1, I don’t receive spam anymore. Also, the plugin Askimet is great about dealing with spam.

  2. You could always add a “top commenters” sidebar like Shoemoney, and watch crappy comments soar to ridiculous levels. I was on the list at the start cause I’d added my usual 2 cents worth, but all those webmasters are clammering for a link.
    Funny to watch really. 😀

  3. Hey Shawn,
    I noticed you are still using V1.5.2,you should upgrade it to V2.1.x,a new version of Akismet is included in v2.1.x,it works like a charm!

  4. Spam comments pwn You.

    But yeah like others have said Akismet is amazing. So much so that people actually have little Akismet graphics on their sites showing off how much spam it blocks.

    Protected by Viper… stand back!!

  5. You should just do us a favor and approve all the comments. It would make it a lot easier for all us impotent prescription drug addicts having trouble finding good resources for porn and online gambling!

    Just imagine the service you could provide!

  6. Yea akismet is gr8.


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  7. I’ve been waiting to see new updates/pictures of your new house and how it’s coming along. Hopefully you will give us an update? 🙂

  8. I honestly think it has to do with wordpress. I have 3 blogs, two are blogger and one is wordpress, and the wordpress blog gets 20 times more spam then my blogger blogs…

  9. It’s not really spam, it’s “low-value-message related program activity” and it’s everywhere. If we don’t succeed in stopping it, then we run the risk of failure.


  10. was it bots spamming or people PR spamming?

    im sick of spam….inbox and forum are full of it….my PHPBB is in trouble 😀

  11. ahm..


    people who are having a hard time with spams should hire professionals 🙂 … yup 😉 Exactly like me 😀

    I’d be glad to moderate your spam daily 🙂 for some few bucks 😀

    Give me a call if you want me to 😀

    Spam-!-Nator at your service 🙂

    i am 110% serious 🙁

  12. Shawn, you said 1,251 reasons so there are 1,250 remain…

    About get rid of spam, i think you can always outsourcing it to someone else

  13. every one have their own views. i give same no. of people earning huge amount. Its little tidy work but work with patience will deliver you result soon

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