Astronaut Charged With Attempted Murder

Sweet… how would you like to be isolated on the International Space Station with a murderer? 🙂

NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak was ordered released Tuesday on an additional $10,000 bond on an attempted murder charge in Orlando, where she allegedly tried to subdue a purported romantic rival with pepper spray and kidnap her from an airport parking lot.

Nowak also was ordered to wear a global positioning satellite, or GPS, device.

Nowak, 43, appeared in court Tuesday afternoon to face the attempted first-degree murder charge.

Nowak is accused of accosting Air Force Capt. Colleen Shipman, 30, in the Orlando airport parking lot early Monday, telling police she only wanted to talk with Shipman.


4 thoughts on “Astronaut Charged With Attempted Murder”

  1. Shawn Bastard: is that the best you got? I have known the real Shawn for a couple of months. Hes funny. Hes the George Carlin of the digital age. Take a break or a good med.

  2. I still can’t get the visual out of my head of her wearing a diaper so she would not have to stop to go to the bathroom. Seems that is an astronaut thing for take off and landing. Maybe kinky astronaut stuff where they wear dirty diapers instead of thong or lingerie. That is just too crazy!

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