Solar Power Panels

Well, I decided a long time ago that it would be neat to put a big solar voltaic system at my new place and try to generate 100% of the electricity needed for the house (and servers and everything else I use since I work from home).

So I ended up going with a system that will be able to generate 42.8kW of power (35.7kW will be the “practical” rating for it), which consists of 252 panels (each panel can general 170 watts of power). The idea is to generate more electricity than you need during the day (running the SDG&E meter backwards), then draw on it at night.

I hope the system has some sort of SNMP probing ability… would be cool to pull up a graph of power output over time.

18 thoughts on “Solar Power Panels”

  1. Sweet my new place will have a bigass array of panels too 🙂

    You should get solar hot water panels too, and an on-demand hot water heater for backup 😉

  2. If you really want to be cool, filter the water runoff from the roof and store it for watering the grass / etc.

    And install a (few) wind turbines.

  3. although its a good idea…i don’t think Rancho gets enough rain fall (about 9 inches a year) to water your 3 hole golf course. maybe you can invite us all over to pee on the lawn instead?

  4. Shawn, I’ve done some work with solar panels. it was a long time ago, but…

    SDG&E will just throw a ratcheting meter on you. Which means you’ll be giving them free electricity, and still paying for what you use at night.

    And yes, they CAN do it. Federal law lets them. They got that passed 30 years ago, when solar was just starting to be looked at.

  5. Lucky you! In Sweden, they put a meter after the array and then you must pay energy-tax, CO2-tax and sales-tax based on the output of the array. If you sell the power to the grid, you must pay income-tax on the earnings.

    If your neighbour, the strong guy, helps you with the mounting, you must pay tax as if he was paid in full, even if you give him a steak and a beer as payment.

    The government still wonders why people don’t use solar power on their houses!

    In UK, you have to pay a fuel-tax if you run your car on old cooking grease. That is exempt from tax here until 2008. N efforts is done to make this permanent. Not yet at least.

    Anyone want to move here?

  6. You might also want to stick in a heat exchanger so your not wasting juice heating the place.
    Concentrated Solar Power Generation using Mirrors is also good.

  7. Seems like worldwide theres a lot of great laws that really encourage alternative environmentally friendly energy.

    awesome anyway shawn.

  8. Howdy from the Program Manager reviewing your project for SGIP incentive. I was curious who would be installing this size system on their house so I did a search and ended up here.

    Nice work.

  9. Hi Shawn,I’m a good friend of your father, I live in yreka, ca. on 40 acres in the mts. we are off the grid and have all solar power,I’m glad solar is catching on …and your helping,good work! Later,Sparkie

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