My Citizenship Is For Sale

I know it’s rather unpatriotic to sell my citizenship to any country who gives me the lowest income tax rate, but well… it’s all good. I did a little (very little) research and found places like Russia have a 13% flat income tax rate (no wonder they can’t afford to launch their Soyuz). 🙂

Hopefully if I move my business and servers to another country, if it would be considered US income tax if I didn’t actually *work* while in the US… I could just live here as a permanent tourist. {shrug}

Anyway, if you are a representative of a country, you may place a bid here in comments, but please be advised it’s not a legally binding bid until I receive the notarized version (see below).

To the countries bidding:

  • Please remember that it’s an excellent investment, as I should be able to generate a good income tax revenue stream for you over the course of my lifetime.
  • While I can’t promise anything, I’m pretty smart, so I might do something cool like win a Nobel Peace Prize or perfect cold fusion (which would bring notoriety to your country).
  • Upon request, I can offer a few years of my US income tax records so you can make an educated bid.
  • I don’t really care if I have the right to vote (if it’s allowed in your country).
  • Please don’t bid on my citizenship if you are just looking for soldiers for your army or community service workers. I’m not going to do any sort of government assigned job.
  • All bids must be notarized with an original signature of your respective leader (president, prime minister, supreme overlord, etc.)
  • I will consider inter-planetary citizenship at my sole discretion, but please keep in mind that bids from countries outside of Earth are not legally binding.

15 thoughts on “My Citizenship Is For Sale”

  1. You should head to Dubai, zero inheritance tax, zero income tax, all you have to do is buy a house there and you get free citizenship.

  2. I am looking to sell my citizenship to some foriegn babe that want to acquire US status after she marry me ( for big bucks from her ) and gets green card and work permit.

    Can you suggest how to go about finding this lucky lady?

    thanks homer

  3. Possible exchange – I have french citizenship, i live in south africa (i was actually born here but they upset me so i told them to stuff my citizenship, but it’s real easy to get it back.) my husband is in the us, unable to sponsor me as he’s on disability benefits, so I cannot move there – my business here in doing well, but at the current rate of exchange (7/1) I won’t have enough money to make up for the shortfall in my husband’s sponsorship. SA is booming, despite crime, and your money will multiply x 7.
    We could talk?

  4. If you marry me so I can get the citizenship..Ill be ready to pay whatever you feel its fair…annnd..its not a joke..
    Im 23 years student..hope to hear from you soon..only if you are serious

  5. no you will not get a citizenship in dubai. you wont even become a citizen of dubai if you were to born there. one of your parents must be from there for you to be a dubain. Anyways, there are not much taxes in many other countries but your income is going to be less. if you would like you can move to africa, moracco, hungry, and many other countries. yet you are going to be worse of then here.

  6. Look at the US IRS expat exclusion. You can keep US citizenship and make up to ~ $90k OUTSIDE USA tax free.

  7. i am regragui,i live in Morocco ,i am 30 years old, im looking now for a serious Woman from Usa,Canada,Europe or Japan for a white Marriage in order to get Citizenship and start a new life abroad .
    As Reward i can propose you 24000 Euros if you help me to get Citizenship .I give you at first an Advance and the Rest will be processed step by step after doing the job in your Living Country.

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