6 thoughts on “Most Commented Blog Entry”

  1. What happened with that case in the end? I read over the blog a while back and dont remember seeing the outcome. It was quite an interesting read.

  2. This was fun. When I first met your sister (definately not your wife since your gay amongst other reasons), I did a little bit of investigative research online. I found out who owned the domain holding her email address…went to the URL and found a link to the Winn and Simms blog. I contently read the entire thing and laughed out loud at least a dozen times. If I were a gangster, I may even have said “Ah Snap!”, but I’m not so I just said..”ooooooh, soooo busted.”

    That was my first experience with the Hogans…i was hooked for life.

  3. I typically feel mildly pathetic when I get so bored that I have to read others’ blogs for amusement. Yours is quite the opposite. I return regularly and you never fail to amuse me.

    What’s great about you is that you never seem to get knocked down, no matter what happens to you. Inspiration to all.

    BTW, you need to get some more photos of the house on here.

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