Terrorist No Fly List

I know this is about a month old (I read it back then, bur forgot about it until I just ran across it again).

I wonder who the genius was that put 14 of the 19 9/11 terrorists on the national “no fly list”. Did they somehow think they survived the plane crash into the World Trade Center and were going to try to get on a commercial plane again? ­čÖé

Saddam Hussein is on the no fly list. What intelligence do we have to support that he’s a terrorist? I wouldn’t personally want to be on the same plane as him, but it more has to do with him just being crazy. But even then… when he went up to the ticket agent to get his ticket and showed his Iraqi passport with the name “Saddam Hussein”, wouldn’t that in itself throw a red flag? “Hold on sir, let me check the no fly list… nope, you aren’t on it. Go ahead.”

Evo Morales (the president of Bolivia) is also on the list. Was it the same CIA agent who put dead terrorists on the list that also thought the president of Bolivia was going to hijack a plane? ­čÖé


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  1. C’mon having Saddam on the same flight as you would probably be more entertaining than watching the in-flight movie. Almost like having a real life Borat. ­čśÇ

  2. At least 7 of the 19 alleged hijackers have been found ALIVE, but the FBI has never even updated the list of alleged hijackers.

    911 was an inside job, an attack on US citizens carried out by elements within the US government and Israel in order to provide justification to curtail civil liberties and launch wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, etc. to control the flow of oil in the middle east.

    Nobody else could possibly have had the resources to pull this massive hoax off.


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  3. Only goes to show that the criminal elements of the government arn’t all over the place. A lot of honest people do their job, and alot of dishonest people do their job – when you combine the two it just looks silly!

    Even if 1/2 of the hijackers was alive after the attacks, the FBI as I recall it just told everyone they had mixed up the names.

    On the other hand, how did they do the DNA profiling from the rubble if they didnt know who all the hijackers were in the first place, something they say they didnt do.

    Its lies upon lies upon lies… I bet the 14 names on the nofly list are there since theese people, infact, are alive and shouldnt be on an airplane…

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