Guess What? People Don’t Know Who You Are On The Internet.

Something rather odd has been happening lately. I do something that someone doesn’t like (hey, I can’t please everyone). Then they start spewing about how I hate [insert whatever they are here] and am just out to repress/hold them down.

In the last week, I’ve been told I was repressing blacks, I was trying to destroy the Muslim religion (then also told I’m going out of my way to hurt Christianity). I’ve been told I’ve been oppressing women as well as “holding back” someone simply because they were a disabled war veteran.

In most cases it’s spawned because someone spams my forum with whatever great product/service they are offering for a limited time, so their account is terminate for spamming.

Okay, so uhm… here’s the deal people. If you spam for Viagra or pyramid schemes, your account was terminated because you spammed for Viagra or pyramid schemes. It’s not because I’m somehow clairvoyant and sensed you were a woman, Muslim, disabled war veteran, or whatever else. Let’s take this email for example…

fuck you for deleting my account!!! i hope you burn in hell you motherfucker. i’m a disabled war veteran. what’s your problem with war vets anyway? you go around deleting my account just because I’m a war vet? you are an unamerican asshole.

This was in response to being banned for spamming about “limited time cheap cell phones”. Kind of makes me wonder what goes through people’s head when they start spewing such funny accusations. Because uhm, I didn’t know you were a “disabled war veteran” until you just wrote me that email.

The good part about it, is it’s terribly entertaining. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Guess What? People Don’t Know Who You Are On The Internet.”

  1. I’ve got a small forum for a small community in North Florda (and I mean a really really small community) and it still takes me 30 minutes a day to clean up the trash and debris from the forum spamming bastards.

    How in the world do you find the time to keep DP clean?


  2. the easiest thing in the world to do is complain about how someone else ruined your chances at success

    accountability is a rare commodity these days

  3. AHhhh…i see… so you are the guy everyone is talking about when they say “The Man.” … why am i not not invited to the secret meetings, where we mind link together and try to figure out to hate next? I say let’s go after the Elephants next. I hear they’re just as smart (if not more so) as these ppl.

    …must’ve lost the memo…

  4. Instead of terminating the account –

    Perhaps add a trade section for Good members

    and add a new policy that those with certain number of Rep points of Postings can have Post in a ‘services offered” section

  5. Hi Shawn ,
    My DP id Tendulkar8

    Got banned today . Reason Is “multiple account”

    I have already emailed about this…


    I am from India. I am living in small town. In my living room , I have only one PC. Me an my friend using that. Both has DP accounts.

    You are telling “Guess What? People dont know who you are in on the internet”

    Then why for just using a same ip in same living room got banned for multiple accounts?

    I dont have his password & he dont have my password. So then?

    Please remove my ban.

    You are leavin lot of people using proxies. But we dont want to use them. Please respect our feelings also.

    I dont know My friends acct also got banned? he is in his native. After he come here only i know….If yes , remove the ban for him also…..

    The Banning system as a admin is great tool for spammers & it may be a pride tool for admin. But Use that carefully after mailing the corresponding persons.

    Hear my voice and Here your voice “Guess What? People Dont know who you are on the INterenet?

    If any place if i hurt you , i am sorry .

    Thanks for reading.

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