Google Browser Sync

For anyone using Firefox, this is a great plug-in (made by Google). It will sync your cookies, passwords, bookmarks, history and window tabs (you can pick and choose just certain things if you want) to your Google account.

What that means is you can use Firefox on a different computer, and all your stuff will show up. I mostly wanted bookmarks, but it’s handy to have the other stuff too.


(thanks to Bobby for pointing this plug-in out)

4 thoughts on “Google Browser Sync”

  1. I think is better for migrating bookmarks.

    1) It’s bookmarks gone web 2.0 so it allows “social bookmarking”
    2) Tagging eliminates the problem of sorting/deciding which folder a bookmark goes to
    3) Firefox extension is quite excellent. Even quick searches work.
    4) It’s obviously online/transferable.

  2. Problem I had with this plug in was that I am usually running multiple machines side by side. Usually my Mac and a Windows box. And I use the browser on both, the Google sync tool would complain and only allow one browser to be online at a time. This was a little fustrating so I stop using it.

    For my bookmarks however, I have to say that using the “Live Bookmark” feature in Firefox and subscribing to my with various tags is a great solution. For all my “Hard Links” that I have on my boxes, Foxmarks ( does a great job at keeping them sync across my many machines.

  3. FireFox 2.0 is out. It supports local re-syncing. If you don’t use more than one machine then it gets the job done. You can also re-open a tab you may have closed using shift+ctrl+t. I recommend giving FireFox 2.0 a shot. It has a few nifty features and have a slightly more polished UI.


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