Eyelash Transplant Surgery

Does anyone else besides me think this is weird?

Under the procedure, a small incision is made at the back of the scalp to remove 30 or 40 hair follicles which are carefully sewn one by one onto the patient’s eyelids. Only light sedation and local anesthetics are used and the cost is around $3,000 an eye.

The technique was first confined to patients who had suffered burns or congenital malformations of the eye. But word spread and about 80 percent are now done for cosmetic reasons.

The surgery is not for everyone. The transplanted eyelashes grow just like head hair and need to be trimmed regularly and sometimes curled. Very curly head hair makes for eyelashes with too much kink.

So wait… what? You need to go get your eyelashes a haircut once in awhile? And if you let them just grow out, they could grow as long as your normal hair? Bahahaha! rad.


15 thoughts on “Eyelash Transplant Surgery”

  1. “Nintendo” springs to mind… Leaving them grow just to scare people! :puke:

    Would this mean they can go gray as well? So you can go to the salon and have your eyelashes painted…

  2. Actually, Johan, I DO go to the salon and get my eyelashes dyed (It’s true). Although I don’t think I will be getting this really stupid eyelash transplant surgery…

  3. Eyelash transplant patients typically need a ‘trim’ every six weeks or so. And, yes, they can go gray–but because of where we take the hair from, it is very very rare (mascara is a quick fix for that anyhow). Before and after photos as well as the reconstructive (non-cosmetic) indications for the procedure can be found at http://www.eyelash-transplant.com
    The procedure was initially developed for burn and accident victims as well as recovered trichotillomania patients (hair-pullers).
    Dr. Alan Bauman
    Medical Director
    Bauman Medical Group

  4. eyelash transplants are not stupid…. they are for people who have NO eyelashes at all…

    if someone has a disorder such as trichotillomania, (which someone constantly pulls there hair out) and they recover but their eyelashes dont… its embarrassing to not have eyelashes… I have this disorder and ive been looking into it for awhile!!! I dont think its stupid.

  5. Ahmen Valerie! I’m getting it done in 3 weeks! For people who don’t have eyelashes, it’s such an insecurity. People who DO have them, they don’t understand, and dismiss the surgery or a lack of lashes as stupid. Well, put yourselves in our shoes, imagine you NOT having them, THEN you can comment on how stupid the surgery is.

  6. Amen to Shawna and Valerie !!!! I have the same problem. My lashes are very thin due to trich. The problem is under control but It’s sooo sad to know i’ll never have full lashes. I’m looking into transplants also. Shawna, I hope your transplants work out great. You are very brave and best of luck.

    I’d love to know how things worked out.

  7. I read your comment on shawnhogan.com about eyelash transplantsnot being stupid. I don’t think their stupid either and am considering it myself. If possible can you email about how the procedure went and if you were happy with the results.

  8. I am a victim of trichotillomania, and i am still young.
    I have not recoverd from it, not yet.
    I know someday i probably will, but when that day does come, i will have no lashes left.
    My eyelashes are already almost gone as it is!
    If i could i would have lash transplant surgury a.s.a.p.
    But guess ill have to wait a few years before i do!

    So, people, onot judge that it is stupid. because quite franquely,
    its a miracle that its available,
    and the best news ive heard my whole life!

  9. Does eyelash transplantation work for people with alopecia (that only affects the lashes,not scalp etc)? Will new lashes fall out also?

  10. I also have suffered from trich for most of my life and have felt very insecure about having very thin eyelashes. However, I am a full-time college student so I unfortunately cannot afford the surgery, but maybe someday..

  11. I agree, I don’t think they’re stupid at all. I have recently lost a bunch of lashes on my left eye due to infection, but the ones on my right eye have remained intact. I hate looking at myself in the mirror; it’s a constant reminder of how different I look now. I’m looking into a consultation for lash transplants.

  12. Eye lash transplant is very successful and I have recently performed the first eyelash transplant in UK.
    Its meant for all those patients who either have no lashes or wants to have more for cosmetic reasons.
    Dr Asim Shahmalak

  13. I also am a victim of trich and have been since 7years old. It has severly affected my whole life and i always thought i was completely alone with this disorder. my eyelashes are now thin and gappy. A chance to get them looking thick and normal again is all i need so im definetly looking into this surgury!

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