Google Crawl Rate

Here’s something cool that Google has added to Google Sitemaps for site owners…

Let’s you see how much Google’s spider crawls your site in the last 90 days, and even gives you the option to instruct Googlebot to increase or decrease their crawl activity on your site.

Here’s the stats for the Digital Point forum… Google crawling an average of 52,000+ pages per day (without putting it on “increase activity”)… Getting close to a page per second 24/7. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Google Crawl Rate”

  1. Figured DP would be huge – two orders of magnitude more than my site. BTW, I don’t have the “Faster” option listed for me – they say “At this time, crawl rate is not a factor in your site’s crawl. If it becomes a factor, the Faster option below will become available.”

  2. Your average load time is pretty impressive… (Mine’s 4 times that!)

    A la Alek, “Faster” isn’t an option for me either. Maybe due to the high(er) avg load time?

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