How The MPAA Launched My Blog

Someone pointed out something kind of funny/ironic… Since the MPAA decided to sue me, they have actually made my blog a few times more popular than their own site ( If you look look at the Alexa graph below, the green line is the old URL for this blog, the blue line is the new URL (when I switched over to my own domain) and the red line is the MPAA’s website.

The orange arrow coincides with the day I first heard about the lawsuit (and posted about it).

The odd thing is it actually looks like their site is getting less traffic over time (not a good direction to go). Maybe they would like to buy some advertising space on my blog for their anti-piracy propaganda? 🙂 Hey, you never know… it could happen!

Marketing Lesson #1

Figure out how to get the MPAA to sue you.

4 thoughts on “How The MPAA Launched My Blog”

  1. Well, TPB is a tricky bunch and they are very competent about their local laws. I’m pretty sure it’s a case of US Law not applying to Swedish…or wherever there servers are now, laws. 😉

    Also, Shawn please keep us uptodate on what’s going on with your case. I know myself and others are curious as to what’s happening.

  2. TPB seems to be untouchable on the piracy issue. Instead, a case about tax evasion is opened.

    The servers are still seized togeter with 100 other servers belonging to small buisnesses on dubios grounds.

    We have a new government wich are more right than left but still a little more concerned about the little mans freedom. They will clean up the mess if given some time and motivation. The e-mails from MPAA and US authorities were made “secret” by the last knuckleheads, something not liked by Swedish media and public. That will probably change too.

    Did you know, by the way, Winn and Simms has an evil twin in Sweden? This company has harassed a friend of mine with a bogous debt for 6 years! They even put a levy on his tax returns.
    That levy was found illegal and they are sued to return the money… If not returned, he will ask for bankrupcy for a large multi-milion corporation on a petty debt of $2000.

    US has no monopoly on stupid people (lawyers, are they people?). They are scattered all over the world…

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