Linksys WRT54G Flashed With DD-WRT

I found some bugs in the web interface for a Linksys WRT54G router I bought to fix some 2Wire “issues”. One of the bugs just would give me a false error when trying to do something and keep the form from being submitted.

Anyway, the short version of this entry is that I found out that you can flash your Linksys with an entirely new firmware. Ultimately, I just wanted to fix the bug so I could do what the Linksys is supposed to do to begin with. But after installing it, it looks like you can do all sorts of other interesting things… like run crontab processes (since it’s Linux).

Anyway, if you have a Linksys WRT54G (they are pretty popular), and you are a dork, you may want to give it a go… but don’t blame me if you screw yours up (mine was fine).


2 thoughts on “Linksys WRT54G Flashed With DD-WRT”

  1. DD-WRT rocks. The first thing I do when I or someone I know buys a WRT54G(L) is flash the lastest version in. I have one, my parents have one, my in parents-in-law have one, my brother-in-law has one, we have 2 in the head office and 1 in each of 5 branch offices all running DD-WRT. I’m even giving one to my boss for his mother’s house. I also have 2 more sitting around waiting to be put to use.

    About the coolest thing I ever did with DD-WRT was set up one on an ethernet line in a hotel conference center, use the PPTP client to connect to the VPN at work. I then used 2 more as wireless _clients_ to the one on the VPN and connected 2 WYSE thin clients to each router and configured them to automatically login and auto-start IE to our Outlook Web Access. Our users could just enter their name and password to check their email between break-out sessions. I didn’t have to run a single network cable longer than the 3 feet from the router to the thin client, and the users didn’t have to worry about signing on the VPN, just sit-and-go.

  2. If you just got in to running dd-wrt a few thing you should do to make it even better

    Administration>Management>Overclocking set to 216
    every thing will run much smoother and be more stable

    Wireless>Advanced>Xmit Power set to 56
    you can set in to anything but I’ve found 56 to be the best

    Just something to try

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