15 thoughts on “Camera That Makes You Look Skinny”

  1. That is the dumbest shit I have seen in a long time. What a waste of freaking money. Just go to the gym Tons O’ Fun!

    1. Obviously, you are a man. Not a woman who has had children and despite working out and eating right, you just never look quite the same. Sigh….

  2. Shallow but doesn’t the chick on the left look better anyway? I mean, its not like they tested this thing with a whale.

  3. WTH? That’s my girlfriend! Easy on the “Tons O’ Fun” comments. Come to think of it, I don’t care… I like a little meat on my girls.

  4. Looks like all it’s doing is compressing the picture slightly horizontally, since the trees have moved in a bit too. Something you can do in any image editor.

  5. I think the “slimming effect” may appear somewhat lame to many, but honestly although my first reaction was to think that it’s lame.. I believe most people try to take photos of themselves from flattering angles (those that may make them appear more slim, handsome, physically fit, whatever).. and many of those with the aptitude certainly will use Photoshop to remove blemishes/etc.

    The most interesting thing about the feature is that [from what i can tell] it doesnt work as advertised. If you view the flash intro on the page you linked, it clearly shows how to use the slimming feature… take photo, select slimming, and then drag a levels slider untill the desired slim-level is reached. During this flash show, the individual that is being slimmed clearly becomes “less wide” while the background remains undisturbed in scale. I followed the link, because as someone who works in a related field, I was curious as to whether they were simply compressing the width of the whole picture, or they had developed some algorithm to identify a subject of a photograph and selectively scale that subject. If you look at the two “belt-buckle-girl” photos, layered over each other, you can clearly see that the entire photo has changed in scale, not just the subject.

    I’m not arguing that compressing the width of the photo isn’t still a useful feature.. I am virtually positive that many people will buy these cameras and have an interest in doing just so, and not posess the technical wherewithal to do so themselves in mspaint/photoshop/gimp/etc. However, the flash intro represents that they have developed a technology that is far superior to what they actually have developed*, and that is somewhat disingenuous.

    *i am basing my assertion off the belief that the belt-buckle-girl images represent an accurate output of the effect. If these images aren’t an example of the effect, and were merely doctored up from a stock photo rather than the output of a “slim-enabled” HP camera, then I may be mistaken.

  6. hi. you know I don’t think it is stupid. My friend is skinny, only about 100 lbs, about 5’3 and in most pictures, she looks fat. This camera will definitely help capture her real weight.

  7. Wow pretty either way I really don’t why people are so embarrsed about there weight I know I’m not the skinniest but I’m very active and I do somtime wish I was skinnier so I would think this is actually quite nice! =]

  8. omg she isnt even fatt in the first picture and it doesnt matter what you really look like,she is still gorgeous she doesnt need the slim effect.

  9. I guess it’s ok for people who want to look slimmer…but I don’t think it will do anything for flubby rolls 🙂

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