Basement Construction Time Lapse

I threw together a time lapse of the basement being built. The end of it is today, when they took all the forms off the basement walls and we actually have freestanding concrete walls. Now for the waterproofing of the walls… 🙂

The movie runs through 4 hours per second. The resolution is a bit lame, but hey… can’t keep YouTube from down sampling it.

13 thoughts on “Basement Construction Time Lapse”

  1. Cool, you finally did it!
    Now, it would be cool if you could post a “how to” so I can do the same thing when I build my own castle in France 😉

  2. That can’t be your house. It’s too small, looks like you could fit only 2 or 3 of that white truck in there, but I could just have bad judgement.

  3. Very cool! So am I crazy to want a basement. The architect just told us it could cost $800k for just the basement. Any tips? Please email me directly if you do have some advice!

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