Chargers vs. Raiders

Uhm, did anyone happen to notice the San Diego Chargers completely dominating the Oakland Raiders last night on Monday Night Football by chance? 🙂

Check out some of these stats:

  • Oakland Total Yards: 129
  • Oakland Passing Yards: 42
  • Times Oakland Sacked: 9 (3 just by Shawne Merriman)

Not a bad way to give your new quarterback some confidence. 🙂 In fact, Philip Rivers didn’t have to do much, but he ended up 8-11 with a touchdown and that gives him a 133.9 quarterback passing rating, which leads the NFL. Of course, it’s only 1 week, but the Chargers have the #1 defense in the NFL as of right now. 🙂


I just noticed that every other team in the Charger’s division (Oakland, Denver and Kansas City) lost their opening games this season. That can only be good for the Chargers…

7 thoughts on “Chargers vs. Raiders”

  1. so here I am, all the way on the other coast where everybody is cheering for the eagles…AND…the Chargers! I thought only people in San Diego wanted to see the Raiders loose…I was wrong. The Raiders are hated all the way over here on this coast too…GO CHARGERS

  2. So I guess that means the chargers are in 1st place in the AFC West!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are also the only undefeated team in the AFC West!!!!! Pretty impressive 😉

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