Motorola KRZR K1

I guess I missed it, but Motorola released a new phone (MOTOKRZR) a few months ago that looks pretty tight. Like a new and improved RAZR. The one thing it has that I’d love to have in my RAZR is support for the high-speed EDGE stuff for fast Internet. But it does seem to have some other handy stuff like a GPS, memory slot, etc.

Now if they could somehow fit a QWERTY keyboard on it, we would be all set…


6 thoughts on “Motorola KRZR K1”

  1. I have used this one. Its rich on features, but the WOW factor that v3i and v3 had is gone. Its a little bulky comapred to its earlier versions and the overall looks of the handset and not appealing at all.

    This one is a let down. 🙁

  2. I think Cingular is going big with HSDPA this year, so you might want to hold off until the Cingular 8525 comes out. It is not as slim as the razr, but my 8125 (non-HSDPA, but has EDGE) is pretty nice. The only thing I wish it had was some frickin’ real high speed data

  3. BTW, Cingular’s data network has been sucking balls the past couple of weeks. I almost think they are blocking certain ports now as pop retrieval is not working on my 8125 or on the wife’s Nokia 6682. I can’t even get data access sometimes. Someone at Cingular told me they have been having lots of “issues” lately nationwide. Whatever phone you choose, I would get the biggest screen you can in the phone size you are looking for.

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