LoJack Early Warning Recovery System

I went to pay for my new car today (the dealer doesn’t actually have it yet, but I guess there was some $2,500 Labor Day rebates that I could get if I paid for it and did all the paperwork now), and I opted for LoJack’s Early Warning Recovery System. That way if my car moves without me in it, I’ll get a phone call and text message instantly. πŸ™‚

Then I can run out there and uhm… see if the thief is going to kill me or not I guess. Hopefully I can kill him first if it comes down to that (maybe I’ll just fling a stingray on him [I know that’s not really funny, but if you think about it, it is kinda… and Steve Irwin would think it’s funny too]). πŸ™‚


Oh yeah… they said I should have my car this week (hopefully).

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  1. hmmm…. maybe i should get LoJack for the A-Team Van, although the thieves would crash it trying to back out of the parking garage…soooo many blind spots.

    Can I borrow the hummer for a couple of weeks when you get it?

  2. So how does this LoJack thingy work?

    ps: can I “borrow” the hummer for a couple of weeks too when you get it? Or do I have to exhange it for a pathfinder j/k heh

  3. Shaun,
    I had LoJack installed in my Range Rover when I bought it. It’s pretty sweet and I like the fact that it is a one-time payment with no subscription fees. One thing though; you should test it out. It’s not quite really “instant” It took em the better part of about 15 minutes to notify me the last time I left my fob at home. I was on the phone with their customer service inquiring as to why I hadn’t been notified, when they finally called me to notify me.

  4. a) true

    b) actually, I’d be perfectly okay if I never saw another American chick, and in reality Hummers are nothing but dude magnets. Give me an eastern european or Brazilian *any* day (Alessandra, I’m waiting for your call… still).

    c) I’ve never thought they were “cool”… in reality they are rather ugly and a gas hog and also have terrible wind noise if you go more than 70mph (but what do you expect, it’s more or less a brick on wheels). But they do serve a purpose… just because someone has a 18-wheeler, I wouldn’t assume they think it’s “cool”. πŸ™‚ Oh, the other thing I hate about them is they get covered in brake dust even if you are light on the brakes, which means if you rub against it, you get oily soot all over self. Now *that* is gay.

    d) we can probably nix that one. While I haven’t personally tried it, so I can’t 100% confirm I wouldn’t like it, I’m guessing I wouldn’t. πŸ™‚

    e) this is a fact

    f) need something that’s good in the snow for snowboarding or a trip to San Felipe

    I’ve never said (that I recall) that I’m the coolest (but I can see how I could easily be misconstrued as such), nor have I ever said I was a millionaire.

    Either way, I certainly don’t need hot rods, sports cars and Harleys laying around to make myself feel studly. Cars are good for uhm… driving as far as I’m concerned.

  5. The Pronet(for Banks) stuff like LoJack. (the cop cars has only 3 antennas).
    http://www.scandiego.com/PRONET/index.htm (Photos of what it looks like)

    Lo-Jack operates on 173.075 MHz (the Cop cars has the 4 Antennas)

    Monthly Update Report for August, 2006
    Southern California: (Fun reading)

    July 2006 FCC PDF File on LoJack.
    The FCC has adopted a Notice of Proposed Rule Making and
    wants comments on proposed relaxations for the use of 173.075 MHz
    – a frequency already used for stolen vehicle recovery. LoJack
    would like to increase mobile output power, transmit digital
    emissions in addition to analog, and transmit more often than
    the current duty cycle rules allow.

  6. This really is good stuff. Shawn, you are so organized in your response to “the kid.”

    This guy (kid) might be considered a latent homosexual by sigmund freud; meaning, he has a hidden desire for a relationship with the same sex. I am not accusing “the kid” of this, but “if it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck…”

    What’s up with everyone having a go at Shawn Hogan these days?

  7. Oh wait… I just reread that post… “b) can’t get American chicks without money or cars”

    Why would I want an American woman without money or a car? If I *had* to have an American chick, I hope I don’t have to drive her around.

  8. Considering the epidemic of obesity in north america these days, chances are with an American woman you`d need a Hummer to drive her around in anyways πŸ˜‰ So therefore, a demonstrated need for such a large vehicle.

  9. I had Lojack installed in my Truck when I bought it in 1999. Two weeks ago, it was stolen and it has not been recovered. The bottom line is, if a thief really wants your car, he is going to find a way. I’m convinced that there is a way that thieves can disable Lojack, even though they would never admit. it. Save your money, your going to need it to pay for gas.

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