Car Is (Almost) Here

I don’t think they physically have my car yet, but it’s close enough that I can go in and do all the paperwork. It’s now been 3 months and 1 week since my car was stolen, and finally it’s about to be replaced. Yay!!!

7 thoughts on “Car Is (Almost) Here”

  1. How did your insurance react? Did they give you the boot? I’ve been dropped from my insurance twice in my life…both times immediately following a minor accident. I find it incredibly sad that I pay $300+ each month for car insurance and as soon as I need them…cya…

    Maybe they know how unlucky I am…over a dozen speeding tickets, 2 minor accidents, and once I hit a family of javelina on a side road…

  2. I did get a letter saying my insurance wouldn’t be renewing when it was up in October, but the reason given was because I didn’t have a car on my policy (nothing to insure). So we’ll see if they really drop me when I have a car or not.

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