7 thoughts on “I Have A Wikipedia Entry”

  1. According to the history, someone named ‘Petesmiles‘ started the article, on 27 July this year:

    00:43, 27 July 2006 Petesmiles (Talk | contribs) (creating Shawn Hogan article…. great story, interesting guy…!)

  2. So I want to know does any body else use wikipedia and what for?
    what was the most informatibve artical you found there?
    What was the wierdest one you found?
    I use wikipedia mostly durring my lunch time at work to just read up on stuff. the most informative artical I found was on the mineing and refineing
    process for copper (because I learned about the job I have, and got to show off to co-workers ;p) the most interesting was probably on cheese witch I
    actualy e-mailed to my self so I could finish reading it after work.
    oh well, got wiki?

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