Guest House Foundation

Went up to the site today to see what’s been going on in the last 2 weeks (since I’ve been gone), and it looks like lots of stuff has been happening…

  • Guest house/garage has it’s concrete slab poured
  • Basement looks like it’s just about ready to have it’s slab poured
  • Framing of the guest house has started (2 walls were standing, and the rest of the walls looked like they were about to be put up)
  • Pool is completely dug out
  • Underground pool equipment room is dug out
  • Transformer and temporary power has been installed
  • Temporary phone lines have been installed (it’s wired to the trailer at least, I couldn’t see into the temp phone box if fiber was pulled through the conduit or not yet)

It’s starting to look like a real construction site now with loads of wood and crap strewn all around. hah

I’ll find out tomorrow for certain on the phone line… if we can get Internet soon, maybe I’ll finally get my camera installed up there.


The phone lines are installed (and there is even a phone number for the trailer that’s working). Now just need to get SBC/AT&T to put a DSL line on it.

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing the time lapsed photos of the construction from start to finish. Too bad we couldn’t see the tractors digging etc.

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