Property In Playa Hermosa

Anne’s aunt is a real estate agent and lives in Playa Hermosa, so we went to check out a house she was selling. A pretty nice place with a decent (hah) view… I think it was around 4,500 square feet and rents as a vacation rental for $5,000/week. It’s currently on the market for ~$1.4M… probably an excellent investment since Playa Hermosa is about to blow up with a bunch of 5 star hotels coming in and a new marina for yachts.

One thought on “Property In Playa Hermosa”

  1. Drool. And drool some more..

    Decent view eh.. Hmm, kind of like saying a Ferrari is a pretty good car, dont you think? 🙂

    I could see myself sitting there in a comfy lounge chair until I dropped dead of old age…Not much reason to get up!

    I guess I better get started on making that first Internet million.

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