Jacó, Costa Rica

Avoid this crappy town like the plague. We drove through it on our way to Playa Hermosa, and someone came up and stabbed our tire while we were sitting in the car.

As Julien would say, “Thank you very much! We really appreciate it!” (you have to smile and wave to get the full effect). 🙂

4 thoughts on “Jacó, Costa Rica”

  1. Not much we could do considering the guy had a knife… We just waved at him and smiled as he walked of down the road 🙂
    Then we put our spare tire on and stopped at the next gas station. The mechanic charged us 1,000 colones to patch the tire and we were on our way.

    BTW 1,000 colones is equal to a little less than $2.00 US!

  2. Really? that sucks, im going to be staying in that town in october for about a week. how are the beaches.?

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