Cracked My Head

If anyone wants to know an easy way to bust your head open in a split second, just slip off the road into a concrete and stone wall. Your head doesn’t stand much of a chance, and it will bleed right away so you can look cool.

Another pretty awesome thing about it is that the injury will swell up so it looks like you have a ping pong ball under your skin within about 2 minutes. 🙂

I’m very thankful that it was Bobby’s birthday… if it wasn’t, I probably wouldn’t have been so drunk that it didn’t really hurt. But even so, the sound of the impact made me know it was going to bleed and swell. 🙂

Damn the rain forest and it being slippery!

Here’s the best picture of it though (notice Amelia in the background.. haha)

8 thoughts on “Cracked My Head”

  1. Finally a peak into that brain of yours…

    Maybe it wasn’t just regular swelling but spiders who mated in your head and lay their eggs inside. It will grow and grow and one day you’ll wake up with tropical spiders coming out of your head.

  2. Okie-dockey….just slippin’ off the road. Are you sure you weren’t abducted AGAIN and someone trying to get a brain sample. Get home NOW!

  3. wow sounds like good ‘ole costa rica… wait till you go ziplining drunk, that is really dangerous. then you could do some really cool damage like breaking some bones or severing a limb.. just kidding, quit hurting yourself nerd.

    lol just noticed adsense is serving me ‘rebuilt cylinder heads’ ads on here…

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