SDG&E Digital Meters

So I was checking out some of the stuff that should be installed soon at the construction site (most notably electricity). I guess SDG&E is going to be putting in a digital electric meter vs. the “old school” mechanical type.

I Googled around a bit to find out what’s up with them… I guess they are going to be taking measurements hourly and make that data available to consumers. Maybe I’ll cobble together an API for it so I can generate my own charts for the data or something. {shrug}

Customers will be chosen by the utility for the test, and their rates will be unaffected, Geier said. While installing the electric meters for the pilot project, SDG&E also will install wireless gas-reading devices at the same customer locations.

Speaking of SDG&E, if you are reading this Todd, make it happen! 😉

3 thoughts on “SDG&E Digital Meters”

  1. You going to put in a failover power setup? I almost put in one that could run on natural gas or regular gasoline and came with a ATS (automatic transfer switch) and breaker panel and put out 10 or 12Kw. You can tap right into your natural gas line…was kinda sweet. I think they were around $5k. Maybe you can sell some power back to SDG&E.

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