8 thoughts on “Criss Angel Pulls Lady Apart”

  1. Mm yeah.. I’ll have to echo Johann’s sentiments above. What little sleep I do manage to get each night will now be interrupted because of you. Thank you. Thanks so much.

    Seriously though, thanks for the comment on my blog. Your thoughts actually didn’t sound *too* crazy… I understand that with time constraints, it can be hard to take on a new project unless the pay was too good to turn down. I’m slowly but surely getting to that point of turning down projects I don’t have time before because I’d rather focus on my blog or other pursuits (or the money was just too damn measly.)

  2. WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED HERE?! Seriously! The woman was walking… unless in was a disabled on top of … a … robot! WTF?!

  3. man that was choice !!! u guys are all suckers corse it wasnt real no blood he knocks on the body and it sound like prostetics not only that the woman just had her legs riped off and doesnt even stop to ask wtf just happend, she was in on it from the start.

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