Basement All Dug Out

So it looks like the basement is more or less dug out now… ended up being about 1000 cubic yards of dirt. They should start hauling the dirt away later this week.

To get a general scale, Stephanie is standing over there, and she’s not a little kid like the picture makes her look. You can’t really tell how big the hole in the ground is from that angle, but it’s pretty big. The basement is about the size of a 3 bedroom apartment. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Basement All Dug Out”

  1. Is the house in the background gonna be just wheeled over once the hole is complete? 😛 Them there new fangled mobile homes are perty!


    How come you already have someone higher than you on the hill? that sucks 🙁

  2. It’s actually better IMO because it protects you from the road. You can’t see my place from the road (long driveway around that hill). The position of the slope and house make it so the only place you would see their house is if you were standing on the roof of mine. 🙂

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