Dude, It’s Hot!

Living in San Diego has me completely spoiled as far as weather/temperature goes… It’s always like 65-80° any day of the year.

Except for today… it’s f’ing hot outside right now (see graphic on the right).

I checked the temp where my mom lives, and it’s 112° there. Yikes!

There’s some poor sucker outside on the street in pants and a black shirt twirling a sign on the corner all day. What a sucky job that has to be right now. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Dude, It’s Hot!”

  1. I’m cookin here, never got below 86 last night, I’m thinking a will is in order, and yall want to go out in the sun tomorrow!

  2. It’s nice, like it like that….waves have been small.. but fun… try and spend more time in the water and Chill Dude 🙂

  3. Today I was out with some friends, and we went to the mall and left the car in the parking lot. The car has a built in thermometer, and when we got back in, it was 125 in the car. And the AC was broken. 🙁

    As for normal temperature, we got to around 110 today (I’m up by Sacramento).

  4. I was out in San Diego around 1993. I was in the middle of the air strip watching the Blue Eagles. It approached those temperatures and it SUCKED.

    The moral of the story is don’t kick sleeping goats.

  5. Hot? at least you folks have a dry heat. Here in the midwest it was in the 90’s with 90% humidity.

    Now let’s see if they can keep the power online.

    Global Warming … pffft! Remember that in January.

  6. I know how you feel Shawn, I spent last winter working up in Tahoe( 0-30F ) and got used to it. Then comes 111F in Ontario, Cali. I almost wish i was back in Tahoe.

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