Lots Of Digging

Went up to the site yesterday, and there’s lots of digging going on now. 3 tractors up there (a normal backhoe, a little one for doing foundation footings and then a bit excavator one for digging the basement). It’s hard to tell how much dirt was pulled out, but check out the picture of the excavator (the cab where the dude sits is enclosed on the left side of it). I figure the basement and pool will probably generate ~650 cubic yards of dirt that will need to be hauled away.

8 thoughts on “Lots Of Digging”

  1. speaking of digging…were you interested/aware that the diggnation guys are in la jolla tonight at the brew house?

  2. Don’t feel left out, Diggnation is 2 nerds, one semi-cool and one un-cool (Kev the Chav) who pretend to be tough drinking beer. Watch one episode and you’ve seen them all. They need nerd-chicks.

    So… Are you going to have a dirt track there for minimoto racing?

  3. hmmm…. line the walls of that “ditch” with cement, round off the corners and we can have a Summer time Luge party.

    We can use my skateboards…we’ll set up people on the bluff with Pitching Wedges and a couple of dozen balls. That would make it more exiting for the riders.

    DP Olympic Games held in Rancho Santa Fe bringing Digital Point members together in peace and hailing golf ball storms to respect the universal moral principals of Digital Point.
    See Also: Boxes of Digital Point Blessed Dirt For Sale on Ebay

  4. Only just noticed the bigger image… Is that a woman on the small digger? You didn’t request it to be built by just women or something like that did you?

    Decent pad top right as well…

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