Epson AcuLaser CX11N

My 10 year old laser printer finally died on me earlier this week (it’s needed to be replaced/updated for a LONG time, so it’s kind of a good thing).

The replacement I ended up ordering was an Epson CX11N. I remember when color laser printers first came out, they were close to $10,000. Not only that, but this one also scans and copies (and does it well, unlike most other multi-function machines). You can also get it to send/receive faxes for an extra $100 (which I didn’t need, so I passed on that option).

But check this out… it’s normally $699.99 (which seems pretty cheap for everything it does and compared to stuff from other manufacturers), but Epson is offering free shipping (which normally is $150 or so because of how heavy it is), AND a $150 instant rebate. So that brings the cost down to $549.99 plus tax (that includes shipping).

$550 is a pretty f’ing good deal for this sucker… great printer (color laser, 25ppm B/W and 5ppm color) and an excellent copier/scanner. The fax version also has a 25 page auto-feeder for scanning/faxing/copying, but whatever… I don’t do that much, so. Either way, if anyone is thinking of getting a new printer any time soon, I would check this one out (especially before the instant rebate and free shipping expires).

Oh yeah, and it’s network capable, so you just need to plug it into your network switch/hub. 🙂

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