Random Email #22

Here’s an interesting email…

I need someone to come to my town so I can get nookingtons my name i dont know but i think it is james my town is Stockton

I have no clue what this dude is talking about, but I Googled “nookingtons”, and apparently it’s a store that exists only in a Nintendo game… hehe


4 thoughts on “Random Email #22”

  1. Not to sound all dorky but the game is Animal Crossing DS and you upgrade the store in your town by buying things from it. It goes from Nook’s Cranny (General Store type thing) to Nook-N-Go (a convience store) then Nookway (like Walmart) and finally Nookingtons (a really fancy store). Well in order to get Nookingtons not only do you have to spend a lot of money but you need somebody to visit you over Nintendo’s internet gaming service “Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.” That is all.

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