I Figured Out Where My Car Is

Okay, so you know how my car got stolen a few weeks ago? I just had an epiphany and realized what really happened to it…

The MPAA/Universal Studios hired someone to steal my car. They didn’t do it because just want to annoy me or because they thought it had anything cool in it (which it didn’t… except for my sunglasses). Nope… the real reason is they want to see if I would lie to my insurance company to try and claim I had other stuff in it which I didn’t, then have my car magically turn up with whatever stuff they were hoping I would claim not there. Then they could somehow use that against me to show my “bad character”. 🙂


In case you are brain-dead, this is a JOKE by the way. As much as I would *love* for it to somehow be true (man that would be hilarious), I don’t REALLY think the MPAA stole my car. 🙂

So everyone reading this can just take your panties out of a bunch… this is a work of fiction out of my overly active imagination, and as far as I know has no truth at all to it.

Oh… speaking of my car, it looks like it’s going to be around 7 weeks before I have a replacement. I had to put in a special order to get the exact one I had before (color and options), so they have to build it especially for me. Lame.

8 thoughts on “I Figured Out Where My Car Is”

  1. Better than getting back a stolen vehicle and feeling something funny with transmission or steering everytime you drive it and being told there is nothing wrong… (me speaking from experience)

  2. Wow, new rack mount servers, stolen cars, rear end accidents, *RAA shinanigans, falling cats, sweet golf and lost cool shades… My life is nowhere near your level of excitement. Were do I sign up?!!!

  3. Haha, I love the overly active imagination. Anyways what kind of car did you drive for you to have it specially ordered?

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