Rock, Paper, Scissors

I ran across a funny news article this morning… basically two lawyers have to play rock, paper, scissors to resolve their disputes. 🙂

Faced with the inability of two bickering attorneys to resolve even the most innocuous scheduling questions without his intervention, a Florida federal judge yesterday ordered the two to meet on the steps of the federal courthouse and resolve their latest quarrel by playing “one (1) game of ‘rock, paper, scissors.’ ” (Read the ruling.)

Judge Gregory A. Presnell of Orlando ordered the unusual measure, which he characterized as “a new form of alternative dispute resolution,” after the two Tampa attorneys had proven unable to agree upon where to hold a deposition, even though both of their offices are just four floors away in the very same building in Tampa.


You can find the original ruling over here.

4 thoughts on “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

  1. OMG. This would be the perfect solution for Stefan and his business partners!!!! They also can not agree on a damn thing and spend way too much energy arguing.

  2. Shawn Let’s do it the way you mentioned there! We play Rock, Paper, Scissors, if I win, I get DP as a gift 🙂
    If you win, you give me DP as a gift ?
    Ok ?

  3. Google around. Rock-Paper-Scissors, I have read, has a fine standing in Japan as a way to solve certain business problems. For example, if a buyer issues an RFP and receives two excellent bids? One solution is to bring the two rivals in for a game of RPS. It’s quite rational, really. There’s no taint of bias in the outcome of the decision and neither competitor suffers the embarassment of failing to win for anything other than objectively random reasons.


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