SBrain, Inc.

I was having lunch with Tom today and we started blabbing about something kind of funny…

You know how pretty much anything can be “traded” (stocks, bonds, resources, etc.)? It’s just all based on the perceived future value of something. So wouldn’t it be interesting to essentially issue shares of yourself. Shareholders would essentially own a percentage of whatever ideas/patents/products/income, etc. that you generate over your lifetime. Basically they would be buying part of you in the hopes that you do something cool in your life so they get some upside with their investment.

The funniest part would be to watch your stock go down when you leave the country on vacation or get sick, and then come back up when you are in the country and healthy. 🙂

Who want’s to buy a piece of Shawn’s Brain? We’ll call it SBrain, Inc… 1 employee that can never be fired or quit. 🙂

8 thoughts on “SBrain, Inc.”

  1. I did a presentation on SBrain Inc and several interested investors 🙂 They are waiting to see the prospectus 🙂

  2. wait just a minute… I’m pretty sure you were at my house last night and we were discussing the same exact thing? I think I deserve some credit or at least first dibbs on the IPO and a seat on the Board of Directors.

  3. I just completed a quick SBrain investment summary analysis. So if you set up SBrain Inc. with 100M shares issued 7.5M to SBrain Inc. and offered 2.5M @$10.00 share = $25,000,000 1st round thru a 506 Reg D PPM, Which would take SBrian to 10M shares outstanding. Based on your revenue model of minmum $15M net revenue YE07 would give you a $1.50 EPS. A P/E Ratio of 20 to 30 is based on the current industry average of other stocks traded in similar industries and a 40 P/E ratio for companies that are in their super growth cycle of life. SBrain Inc. then could begin filings to list the company on the NASDAQ Small Cap Markets. You can do the math and see the UP side in this venture, watch out Google 🙂

  4. What happens if/ when you die. I don’t want to be stuck with worthless shares of you.

    That would be interesting though.

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