No Sound With Flash

Dude, this issue has been bugging me for months on my Mac… A couple apps would never play any sound (most notably Macromedia Flash). Anyway, I finally was able to find the solution, so hopefully someone searching Google will find this post useful.

Go to Applications -> Utilities -> Apple MIDI Setup

Check the Audio Output Format (somehow mine was set to 96000.0 Hz) and set it to 48000.0 Hz (or lower).

So to celebrate that I have Flash audio again, I’m glad to present you with a newly released Denny “Blazen” Hazen video (the funny thing about this video is it’s actually 100x better than his previous ones)…

3 thoughts on “No Sound With Flash”

  1. Those are some bazin special effects! However, I don’t agree with you that this is 100x better than his previous videos. I actually appreciated his early work much more. The early classics were more real, and more raw. THis video is a little too polished. But, there is definately no denying that the guy has some serious talent.
    P.S. Denny himself actaully left a comment for me on my Myspace profile.

  2. Starting to worry now…
    beginning to think Denny “Blazen” Hazen could be your alter ego, Shawn.

    (then you and Nintendo could duet together

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