My Car Is Gone

Well awesome… came home from playing poker last night at around 12:30 am, parked in my “secure” gated parking structure, and went to run some errands at 11:00 am this morning, and my car is gone.

That’s rad.

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  1. Sheeesh! That actually happens? I’m in LA, and I haven’t known anyone to truly had a car stolen. Is it able to be hacked via laptop a la David Beckham?

  2. Wow, I was thinking the same thing dave 😛

    More seriously, I am really sorry to hear about that dude… Did you call the cops/report it and all the jazz? Does your “secure” gate thing have video cameras??

  3. OMG the riaa totally took your car. dont even start to think it was anyone else. you know they are trying to make you fold.

  4. I’m fairly certain it wasn’t the MPAA or RIAA guys… 🙂

    And yeah, it was the Hummer (I only have had one car).

    My parking structure has no security cameras, and yes… I reported it stolen to the police and also insurance.

    What a hassle…

  5. I’d be calm to. It means getting a new Hummer! It’s just a car. As long as nothing valuable was left in it, a car can be replaced. That’s what insurance if for.

  6. It’s just an object that can be replaced, and getting bent out of shape about it isn’t going to make it any better. If they don’t recover it, I’ll just get the exact same one (model, color, options, etc.) since that’s the exact one I wanted to begin with.

    If I was sure they weren’t going to recover it, I would just go out and get the same vehicle now, and deal with the insurance company at their leisure (either way, they wait at least 30 days to see if the police can recover it). But the sucky part of that plan is if they did recover it, I would then have 2 of the same vehicles.

    So the sucky part is that if they don’t recover it, it’s going to be a month before I can find a new one. And probably 3-4 weeks to find the exact one I wanted (last time a dealer had to trade another dealer for the one I wanted). Oh, and I was scheduled to put a navigation system in it on June 5th (3 week wait on install appointments).

    So realistically, if they don’t recover it, it’s going to be 2 1/2 months before I have the vehicle and be “back to normal”.

    And stressing out about it wouldn’t solve anything, and just make it so I can’t sleep at night for 2 1/2 months. So whatever… crap happens. There are people with a lot worse problems in the world.

    Good sunglasses are hard to find, and I’m more bummed that both of my pairs of sunglasses were in it.

  7. Well now you know you should have multiple pairs of the same sunglasses spread throughout the world so you can have fresh ones at a moments notice.


  8. So sorry about the hummer but honestly I hope they never find it. My lifted F-150 was stolen from the apartment across the street from your place about a year ago. They recovered it 4 days later on the side of the freeway with a fully gutted interior then it was in the body shop for over 3 months. We had nothing but problems getting replacement parts (ended up having to replace the entire wiring harness) and the bill for the rental car ended up costing my insurance company $4,000 dollars! If they would have just bought me a new truck it would have cost my insurance half as much. Anyway, I think you should just take this as an omen and buy a Mercedes Mclaren SLR

  9. Chris –

    Dude, seriously… sunglasses, my pimp water, $200 in pre-paid car washes, my cell phone charger, 2 gate openers for different gates, other miscellaneous stuff. Thankfully I took my snowboarding gear and golf clubs out of it within the last few days. Besides me, you were the last one to see my car alive. 🙂

    It would be interesting to see a picture of where my car is right now. Like is it in Mexico? Is it in a chop shop somewhere? Maybe it’s in a shipping container on a boat going to Asia?

  10. Well, not only did your car get stolen this morning…This afternoon I drove Stefans spare car to your house for you to use, then Stefan picked us up in the A-team van that he bought today and as soon as we got to dinner the radiator blew up. THEN, Callahan had to pick all three of us up and take us to your house, where we took Stefans spare car to Stefans house, then to my house and then you got to drive all the way home in the car we loaned you =)…haha.

  11. Agreed I bet it was the damn Riaa or Mpaa they are like hmm we might not beable to win. Lets steal his car!!!

    What the hell do they do with the money anyway that they steal off people?

    Good luck on getting your car back

  12. holy, a hummer stolen!? that should have been hard. recently some assholes stole my radio of the car lol.

  13. Just by a new one. If you get stuck with 2 your good friend (who you’ve never met) who lives in Buffalo, NY will make sure you don’t have 2 for long.


  14. When you get your hummer back or a new car, get an old computer with a wifi card and a webcam, and then hook it up in your car, then, write some software that will find the nearest access point and connect and upload images to the digitalpoint server. You live in the city (or I could be mistaken), there are probally a million different AP’s around.

  15. mad4

    That freakin gas hog actually goes pretty far on a full tank. Hogan didn’t we drive to Big Bear and back on one tank? Also Bud call me if you need anything and we are still going to Sea World on Monday. Last thing, how are you getting to the airport?

  16. I live in Iowa, so this type of thing isn’t really a problem. We have six cars and never really lock the doors when they are at our house, and nothing has ever happened. Heck, my mother often leaves her keys IN her car, with the doors unlocked, and it’s brand new!

    Anyway, best of luck getting your car back, or replaced.

  17. Yea, but Tom you live in Iowa… 😀

    That sucks about your Shawn, secured parking is a misnomer for certain. One of my friends had his car broken into in so-called “secured parking”.

  18. Sorry to hear about this but this is one of the reasons why I moved away from SD. I had a very nice truck a few years back and one early morning I walked out and some dude was running away from it…. he had pulled out the wires and was getting ready to wire it up. *bastard*

    Anyway… doesn’t you Hummer have OnStar???

  19. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Can i spring a death ray towards your home ? Maybe a tornado ? Or something less powerfull like a tsunami ?

    Thank you for your patience.

  20. Shawn,

    I was just thinking, your next car, put in a tracker and then use your mad programming skills to use google maps to track it… that would be awesome. Shite about your truck though… Sunglasses and radar detectors are the worst things to go missing…

  21. Here is the perfect excuse to buy a Ferrari, Porsche or at least a nice Bimmer, what’s the obsession with trucks??

  22. Hi Shawn,
    Your site came up on google. I just had my H3 stolen yesterday while I was working. (Mission Valley).
    Onstar located the vehicle but it was already accross
    the border. They would not reveal the actual location
    to me but said it was just accross the border and had not moved in a while. I spent last night in TJ looking for it with no luck. In response to others the truck was getting about 20 mpg. I do not want any other car in replacement. Like you, I want to have the same model. I keep the truck pretty clean so there was not a lot in it. Just some makeup, a case of water, a watermelon and the usual CD’s in the player, and two pairs of sunlasses.
    Still Searching……

  23. I just Google’d “My car was stolen”, and this was the first site. I’m another Hogan, and my car was just stolen. It’s annoying.

    Thanks for sharing, though.

  24. You were making millions per month, so a stolen car will not affect you financially/mentally.
    BTW: Did any of your car was stolen after this incident?

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